4th Workshop of ICR


Note: Only invited presentations have been scheduled to the workshop

Day 1

30th May 2016

19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception and Registration

Day 2

31st May 2016

08:00-08:45 Welcome Coffee and Registration
Session 1: Experimental techniques
08:45-09:00 Prof Manolis Gavaises (City University London, UK)
Welcome & opening address
09:00-09:40 Dr Jin Wang (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
‘X-ray Vision: Probing the Internal Flows with Fuel Injectors’
09:40-10:20 Prof Steven Ceccio (University of Michigan, USA)
‘Re-entrant jets and bubbly shock waves as mechanisms for sheet-to-cloud transition in partial cavitation’
10:20-11:00 Dr Nicholas Mitroglou & Prof Manolis Gavaises
(City University London, UK)
‘X-ray tomography in cavitating flow orifices’
11:00-11:30 Coffee/tea break
Session 2: Numerical Simulations I/Fuel Systems
11:30-12:10 Dr Steffen Schmidt & Prof Klaus Adams (TUM,DE)
Numerical simulation of cloud shedding and erosion-related collapses
12:10-12:50 Dr Foivos Koukouvinis & Prof Manolis Gavaises
(City University London, UK)
‘Validated predictions of cavitation erosion in hydraulic devices’
12:50-14:30 Lunch Break & CaFE Marie Curie ITN project Poster Exhibition
Session 3: Cavitation physics & bubble dynamics
14:30-15:10 Dr Dieter Claus Ohl (NTU Singapore, SGP)
‘From thermocavitation to oscillate boiling and how to avoid Leidenfrost’s limit’
15:10-15:50 Dr Valeria Garbin (Imperial College, UK)
‘Bubble dynamics in soft and biological matter’
15:50-16:30 Prof Mohamed Farhat (EPFL, CH)
‘To be provided’
16:30-17:00 Coffee/tea Break
17:00-18:00 Discussion
18:00-18:45 Drinks reception
18:45-21:00 Dinner

Day 3

1st June 2016


Session 4: Experiments II
09:00-09:40 Prof Marc McHugh (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)
‘Impact of kilobar pressures on the properties of hydrocarbon mixtures: Experiments and modeling’
09:40-10:20 Dr Iakovos Tzanakis & Prof Dmitry Eskin
(Oxford Brookes/Brunel University, UK)
‘Recent advances in studying ultrasonic processing of liquid aluminium’
10:20-11:00 Dr David Fernandez Rivas (Twente, NL)
‘Microfluidics, Physics and Sonochemistry in a Bag’
11:00-11:30 Coffee/tea break
Session 5: Numerical Simulations II
11:30-12:10 Dr Ursula Rasthofer & Prof Petros Koumoutsakos
(ETH Zurich, CH)
‘Large Scale Simulation of Cloud Cavitation Collapse’
12:10-12:50 Dr Nicholas Morris & Prof Homer Rahnejat
(Loughborough University, UK)
‘Cavitation in Tribological Conjunctions: Advances in Measurement and Modelling’
12:50-14:00 Lunch Break
Session 6: Industrial Applications
14:00-14:40 Dr Felix Jaegle (Robert Bosch Gmbh)
Experimental and numerical methods for cavitation prediction in hydraulic components
14:40-15:20 Dr Wilfried Edelbauer (AVL, Austria)
‘Numerical simulation of cavitating injector flow and liquid spray break-up by combination of Euler-Eulerian and Volume-of-Fluid methods’
15:20-16:00 Prof Tom Van Terwisga (TU Delft, NL)
‘The art of predicting cavitation induced pressure pulses’
16:30-17:30 Discussion & Closing Remarks