Two trips are being organised for the 2nd of June:

  1. Knossos & Archeological Museum Tour
  2. Gramvousa & Balos Tour


02/06/2016 (minimum 30pax)


Knossos, the famous Minoan Palace lies 5 kilometres southeast of Heraklion, in the valley of the river Kairatos. The river rises in Archanes, runs through Knossos and reaches the sea at Katsabas, the Minoan harbour of Knossos.

In Minoan times the river flowed all year round and the surrounding hills were covered in oak and cypress trees, where today we see vines and olives. The pine trees inside the archaeological site were planted by Evans.

Constant habitation for 9,000 years has brought about great changes to the natural environment, so it is hard to imagine what the Minoan landscape was like.




The Herakleion Archaeological Museum is one of the largest and most important museums in Greece, and among the most important museums in Europe. It houses representative artifacts from all the periods of Cretan prehistory and history, covering a chronological span of over 5,500 years from the Neolithic period to Roman times. The singularly important Minoan collection contains unique examples of Minoan art, many of them true masterpieces. The Herakleion Museum is rightly considered as the museum of Minoan culture par excellence worldwide.

Chania – Knossos–– Archeological Museum-Heraklion (free time for lunch) – Chania




The voyage starts from the Port of Kissamos following the coastline on your way to Gramvousa Island. After approx. 1 hour sailing time. You arrive at Gramvousa where you have time to visit the Venetian castle built between 1579 & 1584. The island of Gramvousa is associated with the struggle to liberate Crete from the Ottoman occupation. Three thousand revolutionaries used the island as their shelter for 3 years; to solve the problem of food scarcity, they took to piracy.

Gramvousa nowadays is an important bird habitat in the Eastern Mediterranean region and is located along one of the bird migration ways in this part of the world. It is the habitat of over 100 bird species and 400 kinds of plants. Built 137m above sea level on this rocky island, it is one of the most impressive castles in Crete and worth the 15 minute hike up the footpath. Appropriate footwear is advisable & a hat in summer.



Chania – Kissamos Port – Gramvoussa – Balos – Kissamos Port – Chania

*The visit to the castle is not obligatory